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Sep 22,2020

Function and application of isolation transformer

The isolation transformer has a strong function and role, it can meet your requirements for various power. It is a high-power isolation transformer, the current is relatively large, they can be adjusted to meet your requirements for various power.

Isolation transformer function:

isolation transformer

An isolation transformer can isolate some high-power electrical appliances. Under common coordination, it can play its role. For the transformer, you may not feel its function. In fact, its function is to provide voltage to the rectifier. So that it can operate normally. There is also the ability to reduce pollution to the grid caused by the current system. These are some of its advantages. Its power is adjustable. So it is more advantageous for rectifiers.

Application of isolation transformer:

For the isolation transformer, its application is quite extensive, it can be used in various factories, of course, it can also be used in some machine tools or some electronic equipment. Rectifiers are also very suitable. Therefore, the application of the isolation transformer is more extensive.

Isolation transformers are the main components of various power supplies and electrical equipment(120 to 240 step up transformer). The simplest isolation transformer is a transformer with no shielding layer between the primary and secondary, and the number of turns is 1:1. It is mainly used for electrical isolation between input and output to solve the common ground problem between the two. Sometimes called an insulating transformer.

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In addition to changing the voltage, the isolation transformer can also electrically isolate the input winding and output winding from each other to avoid the danger of touching the charged body (or metal parts that may be charged due to insulation damage) and the ground at the same time(toroidal transformer inverter for home). The isolation transformer is a widely used power line interference suppression measure to solve the mutual interference between devices caused by ground loops.

The performance of the isolation transformer can meet various special requirements of users. It also has a certain position in the electrochemical industry. The development prospect of the transformer is very impressive, and its powerful functions have made more and more people aware of its existence.