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Sep 22,2020

The difference between UPS and ordinary power supply

UPS power supply and battery have different safety performance compared to the two. The safety of the battery is a bit higher, but the UPS power supply has a relatively long time.

The electric energy consumption that the ordinary power supply can meet is only ordinary electronic products, and electric energy consumption is not large, and there is no long-term demand. However, in factories, large enterprises, computer rooms, and other places, continuous power supply, and voltage stability are required. In this case, the power supply equipment used will naturally be different.

UPS uninterruptible power supply working principle:

When the mains power is normal, one mains power is used to charge the battery through the rectifier, and the other mains power is initially stabilized by the automatic voltage stabilizer to absorb part of the grid interference, and then directly provided to the user by the bypass transfer switch. At this time, the battery is in a charging state, and it turns to a floating state when the battery is fully charged.

type of UPS power supply

When the grid voltage or grid frequency exceeds the UPS input range, that is, under abnormal conditions, the AC input is cut off, the charger stops working, the battery discharges, and the inverter starts to work under the control of the control circuit to make the reverse The converter generates 220V, 50Hz alternating current. At this time, the UPS power supply system is converted to a battery and an inverter continues to supply power to the load.

Comparison of UPS power supply and ordinary power supply:

The ordinary power supply is mainly integrated power supply, so once a certain component has a problem, the entire power supply will not continue to run and cause the system to be paralyzed. However, the working principle of UPS uninterruptible power supply is divided into different modules. The modules work and run with each other, which will not affect the normal operation of other parts. This is more conducive to later maintenance, while modular maintenance can also reduce maintenance costs and time. Moreover, the expandability of the UPS power supply makes it possible to meet the increase in power demand in the later period by only replacing the corresponding accessories.

UPS for security system-UPS

Generally, the working principle of UPS uninterruptible power supply is the project with relatively large power demand and high requirements for the stability of power use. For example, the monitoring room requires a continuous power supply, and at the same time, it must be able to avoid the occurrence of a power outage, which will affect the operation of the entire system.

The power performance of UPS can meet such characteristics, so most of the integrated power supplies are used directly in the computer room, rather than other ordinary power supplies.