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May 15,2020

power inverter system

Power inverter system is composed of what

Power inverter system is composed of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit. It is a device that converts dc electric energy (battery, storage battery) into ac (generally 220V,50Hz sine wave). It is a device that converts dc electricity into ac.

power inverter system

power inverter system features

1. High conversion efficiency and fast startup.

2. Good safety performance: the product has 5 protection functions including short circuit, overload, over/under voltage and over temperature.

3.good physical performance: the product is made of aluminum shell, good heat dissipation performance, surface hard oxidation treatment, good friction resistance, and can resist certain external pressure or impact.

4. Strong adaptability and stability with load.

Extended information

Using power inverter system matters needing attention

1. The dc voltage should be consistent

Each power inverter system has access to the dc voltage value, such as 12V, 24V, etc., the choice of battery voltage must be consistent with the inverter dc input voltage. For example, a 12V inverter must choose a 12V accumulator.

2. The output power is large enough

Power inverter system output power must be greater than the use of electrical power, especially for the start of the power of electrical appliances, such as refrigerator, air conditioning, but also leave a larger margin.

3. Positive and negative terminals must be connected correctly

Inverter connected to the dc voltage marked is negative, the connection is must be positive, negative negative, connection lines diameter must be thick enough.

4. Charging and inverter cannot be carried out at the same time

When inverting, do not insert the charging plug into the electrical circuit of inverting output.

5. Prevent electric burns

When connecting the battery, confirm there is no other metal on the hand, so as to avoid the battery short circuit, burning the human body.