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May 08,2020

Low frequency power inverter

low frequency power inverter

Our UL certified low frequency power inverter and inverter/chargers are the pinnacle of electrical durability. Large iron core transformer can absorb shock load due to the flywheel effect inherent in the physical quantity of transformer iron. LF inverters have larger, more robust field-effect transistors (FTS) that operate at lower temperatures, in part because of the lower switching frequency required to produce alternating current. These inverters are rich in features, including optional features that can be used for additional external GFCI sockets, input multiple dc voltages, provide a stable dual output voltage (120/240 VAC), and integrate battery chargers suitable for offshore power chemistry and conversion relays.


Low frequency power inverter advantage

The low frequency power inverter works well under high surge load

Running cooler

Disadvantages of low frequency power inverter

It's heavier and more expensive