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Jul 04,2020

Double conversion true online UPS-CE series: conversion online UPS 600va

Installation Of True Online UPS Systems

Double conversion true online UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is a highly advanced form of supplying electricity to your home or business without grid power, using only your electricity supply(Uninterruptible power supply system UPS: online interactive UPS function and purchase). One of the newest technologies, this allows you to cut down on expenses for purchasing an energy source and using it for your electrical requirements.


Indeed, the need for true online UPS is high. But if you still don't have an idea on how to install a true online UPS, then consider the following - read about it now and then do it.

If you are not familiar with true online UPS, it is an alternative method that uses magnetic energy from alternative sources such as the World Magnetic Grid to generate power. As opposed to conventional power grid systems, these convert energy from magnetic force into a flow of electricity, which is then distributed via alternate sources, making it truly self-sufficient.

 Double conversion true online UPS-CE series

Double conversion true online UPS

This is the first step of how to install a true online UPS. In the process of converting magnetic energy to electrical energy, it makes use of a magnetic transformer, commonly referred to as the "magneto-electric circuit". As the energy starts to flow, the magnetic current is directed from a transformer, in the form of wire coils.


To supply energy to your home or business, this system makes use of three secondary coils: one for hot water, one for hot air, and one for ambient air. What happens next is when you use this power, a transformer is used to change the magnetic force into electric energy.


The electric energy is then directly fed into the meter to recharge the power consumption. You will still be able to use any unused energy for any purpose you want since you are running two methods of power usage - the primary way, as well as a secondary way for your current usage.


Of course, you will also get to save money by not paying for energy at the power company. You may choose to pay for your power through your credit card or use a personal or business programmable bank debit card.


Furthermore, as an advantage of this technology, it may help you save money when you have to replace batteries for energy at some point. In the normal electrical grid system, the batteries could last up to 10 years, but with online UPS systems, it can be utilized for even more than ten years, because the conversion is based on so many principles, you just need to replace the batteries once in that period.

conversion online UPS 600va 

As a conclusion, a true online UPS has a few advantages over a conventional system. For one thing, it can save you money - as the amount of electricity you need to supply to your house or business is much less compared to conventional systems.


It is also a hassle-free system because the power is directly transferred between your appliances and the transformer. So, it is as simple as unplugging your appliances, plugging in your transformer, and letting the system take care of the rest.


And the last advantage that you get when you have a true online UPS is the use of solar panels. Since this system does not require any actual input from you, you will never spend on expensive installation of equipment - instead, it will come as a free service.


If you're still unclear as to how to install a true online UPS, then please check related product information at SCIENTEK ELECTRICAL. You will find some sites offering professional and easy-to-follow articles and videos on how to do this.