HOME NEWS The use of power mine transformers
Sep 30,2020

The use of power mine transformers

The power mine transformer adopts a full-corrugated drum-type explosion-proof enclosure. According to the structure of the transformer, there are autotransformers, double winding transformers, and three winding transformers.

power mine transformer

The cross-section of the power mine transformer is an oblong structure, the top and bottom are semi-circular, the two sides are linear, and the shaped corrugated tube is formed at one time. The shell is equipped with a guide heat dissipation plate, which has a unique and efficient heat dissipation effect.

Uses of power mine transformers:

In the long-distance power transmission of the power system, when the transmitted power and the power factor of the load are constant, the higher the voltage, the smaller the current of the line. This can not only reduce the cross-sectional area of the transmission line, save materials, but also reduce the line Power loss. Therefore, a transformer must be used to increase the voltage during long-distance transmission.

After the electric energy is delivered to the power consumption area, in order to distribute the electric energy reasonably and safely, it is necessary to use a step-down transformer to reduce the voltage and distribute it to the users, so that the users can obtain the rated voltage they need(uses of the step-down transformer).

Power mine transformers can also be used as tie transformers, that is, to connect two or more power grids with different voltages together.