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Sep 28,2020

Application of negative voltage regulator

Negative voltage refers to a voltage lower than the ground potential of the system. The magnitude of the voltage is relative to the selected reference. When the actual voltage is lower than the comparison voltage, the voltage value is negative.

Using the negative voltage test principle or negative voltage power supply can prevent the equipment from damaging the test equipment and electronic components due to high current generated by the accumulation of electrons during testing or use.

Three-terminal adjustable negative voltage regulator

The three-terminal adjustable negative voltage regulator is a wide-purpose three-terminal adjustable negative voltage regulator. It has a higher input voltage, larger output current, and higher performance parameters(type of DC voltage regulator). It is widely used in various DC stabilized power supply, switching power supply, programmable power supply and high-precision constant current source, and other electronic equipment.

negative voltage regulator

Relevant application notes of three-terminal adjustable negative voltage regulator:

Properly increase the input and output capacitors to obtain better ripple suppression characteristics. The capacitor connection should be as close as possible to the input and output of the device.

During use, there should be no transient or permanent output voltage lower than the input voltage to prevent device damage. Enough radiator must be configured for full power use, and the radiator can be directly fixed with the housing.

Three-phase permanent magnet alternator load voltage regulator:

It is suitable for small motor vehicles using three-phase permanent magnet AC generators. It is characterized by the use of three-phase half-controlled rectifier circuit and capacitor filtering. The trigger current is provided directly from the control pole of the thyristor through the resistor diode, and the voltage stabilizer diode is used to fix it.

The SCR control pole has the highest potential, simple structure, low power consumption, stable performance, and high voltage stabilization performance(The special features of high voltage linear regulator). The three-phase permanent magnet generator is widely used in small motor vehicles. It has broad market prospects and effectively solves the problem of The problems of insufficient lighting at low speeds and burning of electrical equipment at high speeds ensure the safety of driving at night.