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Sep 23,2020

adjustable voltage dc power supply

The adjustable DC power supply adopts high-frequency modulation technology, and its working principle is to expand the voltage and current of the switching power supply to achieve a wide range of voltage and current adjustments while expanding the application of current DC power supplies.

DC Adjustable Switching Power Supply

In electronic design and production, usually a DC stabilized power supply is required. Under normal circumstances, it is with the help of the adjustable voltage DC power supply in the laboratory.

The portable regulated power supply is composed of the original battery, DC-DC boost circuit, current limiting network, voltage display circuit, etc.

The current limiting control circuit is used to protect the regulated power supply when the output is overloaded or the output port is short-circuited to prevent accidental damage to the power supply(offline switching power supply). The method adopted is to turn off the output of the switching power supply chip when the output current reaches the specified value.

Primitive batteries refer to solar panels and single-cell lithium batteries. For simplicity, solar panels use the 5.5V/100mA specification. Lithium batteries need to have their own protection circuit, and there is no need for additional charging and control circuits.

DC switching Power Supply

When it is exposed to sunlight, it enters the charging state. After fully charged, the protective circuit of the lithium battery will cut off the charging circuit and stop charging. The current limiting network is used to protect the stabilized power supply itself from being damaged when the output port of the stabilized power supply is overloaded or even short-circuited. In order to reduce the size of the power supply, the voltage display does not use a finished voltmeter but uses a low-power single-chip microcomputer to make a voltmeter.

As long as the switching period is short enough relative to the time constant of the load loop, a stable DC voltage can be obtained on the load. The magnitude of the induced electromotive force generated by the energy storage inductor during the release of energy has no definite value and varies depending on the output voltage.