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Sep 07,2020

SCIENTEK ELECTRICAL Solar Transformer Manufacturer

SCIENTEK ELECTRICAL's solar transformer adopts high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet stacking; adopts special dipping process to effectively reduce vibration and noise during operation, and adopts high-temperature insulation material design and other new processes and new technologies to make the transformer more Energy-saving, quieter, energy-saving low-noise coils have ventilation slots, airflow is smooth, and the coil temperature is effectively reduced.

The solar transformer system has reasonable structure, high efficiency, undistorted waveform, convenient and reliable use, and can run for a long time. Its performance indicators fully meet the requirements of the GB/6450 dry-type power transformer standard(power inverter manufacturer). It can be isolated from the main grid for power supply, anti-impact, anti-interference, and anti- Thunder and lightning.

oil-immersed transformer

Transformers are widely used in control and protection circuits in power distribution systems. Due to the complex structure of the transformer and the complicated types of faults, it is difficult for maintenance personnel to judge the fault. In order to facilitate maintenance personnel to accurately determine the type of failure, the cause of the failure, and timely maintenance, the failure time is shortened.

When using a transformer, it is inevitable that you will encounter failures. The following briefly introduces the four common types of failures:

Rejection or failure: It is an important failure of the transformer, and its causes can be divided into two categories. One is caused by the mechanical failure of the operating mechanism and transmission system. Its specific performance is mechanical clamping, part deformation, displacement or damage, closing, and closing core looseness, clamping looseness, shaft pin looseness, and abnormal tripping. The other is caused by electrical control and auxiliary circuits, which are characterized by poor secondary wiring, loose terminals, incorrect wiring, burning of the closing coil due to poor mechanism or switch, and auxiliary switch failure and operation. Power supply, closed-circuit contactor, micro switch, etc.

Disconnecting fault: generally caused by the main body of the circuit breaker. For the oil circuit breaker, the performance of a short-circuit main fuel injection, the arc extinguishing chamber burns, the breaking capacity is insufficient and the explosion closes. The vacuum circuit breaker is characterized in that the arc extinguishing chamber and the air bellows leak air, the vacuum is reduced, and the ceramic tube ruptures to ignite the capacitor bank of the capacitor.

Poor insulation: the insulation level should correctly handle the relationship between various voltages (including working voltage and overvoltage), various voltage limiting measures, and insulation strength acting on the insulation. Try to make the product safe and economical, and obtain economic benefits.

toroidal transformer inverter for home

toroidal transformer inverter for home

In the case of insulation failures, Mainly manifested as external insulation to ground flashover breakdown, internal insulation to ground flashover breakdown, phase insulation flashover breakdown, lightning overvoltage flashover breakdown, porcelain shell, capacitor shell flashover, pollution flashover breakdown, Boom flashover, malfunction, explosion, porcelain bottle damage.

External forces and other failures: including foreign body strikes, natural disasters, short-circuiting of small animals, and other unknown forces and unexpected failures.

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