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Jul 15,2020

inverter for caravan: campervan inverter

Converting an Existing Caravan to an Inverter For Campervan

The conversion from petrol to electric power is the usual way of converting an existing motor into an inverter for the caravan. A straightforward technical approach can be followed to do the conversion with minimal trouble.


A regular inverter uses batteries in addition to an inverter to supply DC to a battery pack mounted on the floor of the motor or vehicle. The batteries are charged by the car's batteries, while the car's engine provides power to the inverter.

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You can transfer the power from the battery to the engine directly without the need for an inverter, as you can use the regular internal combustion engine. However, for caravans, which are usually made with an engine and drive system already in place, the internal combustion engine would not be able to provide sufficient power to keep the car running smoothly. It is also quite dangerous to change the internal combustion engine to power in the campervan.


An alternator is a power-producing device used to charge and discharge batteries. Alternators, otherwise known as the "regenerative engine", work by converting mechanical energy to electricity. Alternators are usually found on household appliances such as washing machines but are used in a range of commercial applications including in large domestic homes.


Alternators are popular, but they are relatively inefficient and impractical as practical devices for powering a campervan. In this case, your only alternative is to convert the existing motor to run on battery power, and the inverter for a caravan for this purpose is often included in the motor(Battery Backup Power Supply For UPS:Using Online UPS).

inverter for caravan: campervan inverter 

Before you start the conversion, you need to make sure that your vehicle has sufficient battery space for all the charges it will require during the transfer. You will also need to know the battery voltage, as you will need to replace the batteries regularly.


The best way to ensure that your vehicle's batteries are not over-charged is to check that they are fully discharged and to do this with a small portable DC meter. When the meter indicates that the battery is not going to be fully discharged, you can then perform the transfer of power.

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With your vehicle's battery charged at full capacity, transfer power from the alternator to the battery. You may need to have a second person there to watch over the charge meter so that it does not exceed a maximum level.


As the voltage of the battery increases, the alternator will slowly increase its power output to match it. Initially, you will notice that the alternator continues to supply power without any sign of a peak. However, after a few minutes, you will start to see a small peak in the power it is using.


If you see a "peaking" of current coming from the alternator, it means that the internal combustion engine is operating at a slightly higher power level than the inverter. This is perfectly normal and will not affect the performance of the converter. The alternator will keep on supplying the required power until the battery drops below the minimum charge level.


Once the battery has dropped below the low enough level to be used, you will be able to disconnect the alternator(static power inverter: what is a static inverter). You may also need to disconnect the battery cables, particularly if you are using additional connectors for the campervan inverter. After the power has been disconnected, you can reconnect the cables.


Your campervan inverter should be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, and in some cases, it is necessary to remove the campervan floor. The conversion is relatively easy and you should be able to complete the task within about two hours.

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