Power is a fundamental part of our world, Ironically, we don’t notice it unless it has problem. Since 2007, Scientek has been dedicated and specializing in research, design,and manufacture of power 

supply solutions and products against various power supply problems such as power breakouts, fluctuation, power outage, sags, spikes, surges, transient etc. Located in Foshan,the power supply hub 

of China, Scientek electrical holds three factories with more than 8000 square meters production area, 8 production lines, more than 100 workers, with our facility and a highly professional and motivated 

team of engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, materials management and sales personnel, Scientek provide the following products and solutions:

Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS): Unexpected power failure can result in damage or serious data lost for computer, server, security system, UPS can solve power outage problems and 

protect sensitive equipments from damage or data lost.

AC automatic Voltage regulator:  Rural areas may experience dramatic voltage fluctuations due to long power lines. the effects of a voltage fluctuation cause lights and display screen flicker, 

heat systems takes longer time to warm up, it may even cause computer systems to lose data or damage the systems. In industrial field, over voltage and under voltage can cause serious damage

to the expensive equipments like automation machines. AVRs are the most effective way to protect the electrical appliances from voltage fluctuation damages.

Power Inverters and solar invertersA power inverter changes DC power from a battery into conventional AC power that you can use to operate all kinds of device such as electric lights, 

kitchen appliances, microwaves, power tools, TVs, Radios, Computers, to name just  a few. you just connect the inverter to a battery, and plug your AC devices into the inverter, and you've got 

portable and quiet power whenever and wherever you needed. It has never been easier to use free and sustainable solar power, a PV panel with our solar inverters can help you to achieve green power.

Solar Charge controllers: Solar charge controller is an essential part of the solar system, it is designed to do two primary things within a solar power system:  optimize the charging of your deep cycle 

batteries by the solar panels and prevent electricity from the batteries from going through the solar panels when there is no sun. A solar panel module with a solar charge controller and a power inverter, 

it is never been so easy to get free sustainable green energy for your home.

Battery Charger: 10A-50A battery charger for lead acid battery and lithum battery.
Power Transformers: Customized power transformers for control system, power supply system, medical systems.

Applications for Scientek products include most electrical home appliances such as washing machine, fridge, freezer, TV, fans, Air conditioner, lighting products,stage power supply, personal computers,

servers, data center, office electrical equipments , factory electrical equipments and machineries, marine boats, cars, trucks, commercial centers, hotels, residential lighting, automation control system.

With perseverant concentration in power supply and profound understanding of manufacturing and deep awareness of importance of product quality and reliability, Scientek is confident of our ability to support 

your requirements by providing the highest quality and reliable products, delivered on time, and at competitive prices. Whether it's an industrial, commercial, residential application, Scientek is uniquely 

positioned to provide products with engineering innovation, proven quality, and high reliability.